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Extra Fee Charge Services

Hammam Care

-Pouch – Foam Massage
-Hammam Sultan Massage


Far East Massage

-Thai Reflexology
-Bali Massage
-Shiatsu Massage
-Thai Massage
-Jimbaran Massage
-Thai Herbal Massage


Specific Care

-Akka Mix Masage
-Hot Stone Massage
-Sultan Massage
-Lomi Lomi Hawaii Massage
-Harmony Massage
-Balance Massage with Hot Wax


Therapy Massage

-Deep Tissue Massage
-Classical Massage
-Sports Massage
-Relax Massage
-Anti-Stress Massage
-Lymph Drainage Massage
-Pregnancy Massage


Weight Loss & Tighten Massage

-Anti-Cellulite Massage
-Contour Lifting Tightning Massage


Face Care

-Ericson Laboratory Energy Lift
-Feminity Care
-Derma Calm


Body Care

-Cleopatra Rituel
-Bali Spa Luluar Ritual
-Green Tea Detox Rituel
-Golden Dream Ritual
-Sunset Treatment
-Sudeya Contour Lift Treatment
-Chocolate Dream Rituel


Ayurveda Care




-Ladies' Hairdresser
-Men's Hairdresser


Free of Charge Services

Indoor Pool

Our 129m2 heated indoor pool is 12 months a year at your disposal. A Jacuzzi as well as a children pool is ready for your usage.
Here our “Fito Bar” serves you with warm and cold drinks.


Turkish Hamam – passed from the history until today it is essential for human health and beauty.

We wish that you enjoy this historic hamam experience and have a great time with specific massage types on the traditional “belly stone”.


The traditional Finnish sauna helps in secretion of body toxins, leads to better skin breathability and supports therefore treatment of various health problems

Relax & Steam Room

Relax Room

Here you can relax and enjoy warm and cold drinks after usage of hamam, sauna and steam experience.

Steam Room
In the steam room session you can reduce your yearly stress and enjoy a peaceful and quiet sleep. Your skin will be flawless, soft and will shine healthier.


Guests, who take care of their shape, can use our fitness center. Even on your holiday you can start your day in a sportive way with our technologic fully loaded sports equipments.

• The most important stage of the traditional Turkish Bath ritual is the application of the pouch. The “pouch” will be applied as you sweat intensely in the heat of the hammam and the “navel stone”. This lifts the toxins which have accumulated in the pores of the skin, on to the skin surface, and opens up the pores. This application will make your skin smoother. On the other hand, the foam massage is a relaxing massage, where your body is covered in foam. The most relaxing treatment which will ensure that the toxins created by your body are disposed of and allow your body to breathe, is the pouch and foam treatment following a hammam.

• In the Hammam Sultan Massage, the traditional Turkish Bath massage is applied by two therapists. You will free yourself completely of your tiredness and feel refreshed with the foam massage following the pouch massage, in the hot atmosphere of the “navel stone” and the hammam.

• The foundation of this is based on acupuncture. This is a method of treatment which is performed to stimulate the relevant organ where the electro-chemical signals which are generated by stimulating the reflexes on the hands and feet, are assisted by neurons. The feet, which contain the highest number of nerve endings, are preferred in this treatment. It affects blood flow and all of the organs.

• The Bali massage is applied by therapists brought especially from the Island of Bali in Indonesia. It is a resting and relaxing massage, where pressurized or relaxed manipulations are applied, in parallel with the classical Swedish massage. The objective is for the person to feel fully rested, relaxed and regenerated after the Bali massage.

• Its foundation is based on the acupuncture method, and is a massage where various pressure techniques are applied on the acupressure points in order to benefit from its restful and curative effects.

• This is a massage which involves manipulations comprised of tautening, stretching and compression movements using 60 different methods, on a floor mattress which is identified with Thailand, and where traditional Far Eastern massage techniques are used. The aim of the massage is to increase the flexibility of the body, opening the channels of energy which are thought to be present in the body and ensuring balance.

• This is a type of massage where the technique used in the Bali massage is applied in a combination, by two therapists. The massage is applied with four hands. You will feel deeply relaxed after the Jimbaran massage.

• Special bags, which contain completely natural plant leaves and roots are moistened and applied to the body. The aim is to benefit from the curative and relaxing characteristics of the plants according to need. You will feel fully rested and relaxed after the massage.

• This is our special massage service, offered to our guests who experience the privileges of AKKA Hotels during their holiday. It is offered to our guests by our experienced therapists in a single session, with the blending together of different massage techniques on the request of our guests. (Hot stone massage – shiatsu – anti-stress massage, etc.)

• Hot Stone massage is a type of massage where basalt stones with a high concentration of iron are heated and placed on the key points of the body, and used by the therapist to perform the massage. Due to the basalt stones releasing the heat slowly, you will feel completely relieved of your stresses and relaxed after the massage.

• This is a type of massage which is special to the Sudeya Spa Centers, where the Bai-do traditional massage techniques and Far Eastern massage techniques are blended together and applied at the AKA Antedon Hotels Spa Center. In contrast with the Bai-do traditional massage, it is performed on a floor mattress instead of a massage table, allowing the therapist to use his / her body weight in a more balanced manner, and where the manipulations display their effects immediately. The degree of hardness of the massage and the manipulations which are applied vary according to the age of the guest who has requested this massage technique. You will feel deeply relaxed and peaceful after a Bai-do session.

• This is a type of massage where two therapists apply synchronized massage movements at the same time. You will feel fully rested and regenerated after the massage.

• Your joints and muscles are made to relax with the long and flowing movements of mostly the lower arm, with the aid of the elbows. With this technique you will feel deeply relaxed. The massage will be completed with the manipulations applied in line with the Hawaii Massage technique.

• This is an aromatherapy massage where natural aromatic oils are heated to body temperature for 24. You will feel completely relaxed and rested at the end of the massage, where an aromatic oil with an “ecocert certificate” based on the request and needs of our guests, is applied.

• This is an unequalled hot massage, which is applied by melting the massage candles produced using soya and similar products, and not containing any chemicals. While the moisture balance of your body is provided with the impact of the hot candle wax, you will feel a deeply relaxed with the aromatic effect of the application.

• This is a type of massage where deep pressure at a low tempo is applied on the muscles and connective tissue which are located deep within the body, in circumstances such as chronic pain, restrictions in the capability to move, postural problems, chronic muscle strains and fibromyalgia.

• Classical massage is a massage which is directed at your physical and spiritual relaxation. At the same time, you may consult your therapist with your muscle and joint problems during the massage.

• This is a massage which is applied both before and after sporting activities, directed both at relaxing the tired muscles and preparing the muscles for activity prior to sporting activity.

• This is a massage where the classical massage manipulations are applied at a low tempo for 1 hour or more. The aim is for you to feel regenerated and refreshed after the massage.

• You will feel completely relaxed and peaceful after the 1 hour anti-stress session, which is performed with aromatic oils. The manipulations in the massage are slow and deep.

• Lymph drainage massage organizes the lymph system, and speeds up the return to normal of the lymphatic flow and the reduction of the fluid retention in the body. It is a type of massage with curative characteristics, where positive results have been obtained in cures for the reduction of fluid retention and weight loss.

• This is a type of massage applied by expert therapists, directed at reducing the water retention, and eliminating the back pain which occur during pregnancy.

• Starvac is a special device which has the effect of ensuring weight loss and fitness. It ensures that all of the tissues below the skin, from the skin to the muscle, are reshaped, with its vacuum application. The lymphatic points are stimulated in the first stage of the application. The vacuumed skin revitalized with oxygen support in the second stage. All toxins are removed to the lymphatic canals with lymph drainage in the third and final stage, completing the treatment.

• This is type of massage directed at eliminating cellulite and tautening the body, in the regions where cellulite has formed.

• This is a type of massage directed at weight loss and tautening the body, with deep muscle massage manipulations which have the impact of making the body fit in addition to the cellulite treatment.

• This is a perfect skin care treatment which displays the point reached by the cosmetic industry today, where you will be able to see the tautening and rejuvenation effect on your skin immediately after the application by professional aestheticians, using the energy lift treatment kit.

• This is a new skin care treatment which has been designed based on the hormonal cycle of women. It regains the hormone balance of the skin and activates the vital proteins. You will have regained the hormone balance of your skin after the series of treatments.

• It is a fantastic treatment for the area around the eyes. The skin in this area is quite weak, and this is the most sensitive area of the face. The bags or rings under the eyes are the first reactions given by the area around the eyes to tiredness. Therefore, this sensitive area is in need of a treatment which begins very early, is continuous and is performed thoroughly. The Bio-Optic treatment is an Ericson Laboratory product which ensures an extensive treatment of the area around the eyes.

• A roller is used to charge the skin with vitamins in the treatment which is applied with the Meso-Vit treatment kit, ensuring that your skin softens and becomes revitalized, and providing a feeling of relaxation which is easy to see.

• This is a special formula developed for sensitive skins, by the Ericson laboratory. It is a special treatment which ensures that your skin stress is reduced and that your skin relaxes.

This starts with peeling using sea salt, and is followed by being enwrapped in hot moss. This is followed by deep contour tautening massage, with the aim of tightening your body and making it fit. You will be able to see the results immediately after the session.

• You will indulge your body and soul with the ritual which involves body peeling with a honey scrub following a milk bath, and is completed with a hot wax massage.

• It begins with peeling using exotic plant and flower powders from the Island of Bali in Indonesia, followed by a fruit & yogurt mask to nourish and revitalize your skin. You can then rest your body and soul with the traditional Bali massage which is applied at the end.

• This is a ritual which begins with green tea peeling, where you will be able to feel the anti-aging nature of green tea in full, followed by a green tea mask, and ends with a detox massage.

• This is a ritual where you will indulge yourself with the massage performed with the golden massage oil comprised of pieces of 24 carat gold, following an argan peeling.

• This is an end of day holiday treatment, which begins with pomegranate peeling to ensure the end of day moisture balance and nourishment of your skin, continues with a fruit and yogurt mask and ends with a massage applied using aromatic oils.

• This starts with peeling using sea salt, and is followed by being enwrapped in hot moss. This is followed by deep contour tautening massage, with the aim of tightening your body and making it fit. You will be able to see the results immediately after the session.

• This is one of our rituals which rests and nourishes your skin and spirit. It begins with coffee peeling and a chocolate mask, and ends with a deep, relaxing massage using coconut aromatic oil.

• This is a massage treatment which is applied by pouring heated sesame oil on your forehead for 25-30 minutes and traditional Indian massage techniques on your head and neck region. Shirodhara massage is thought to be helpful in the symptomatic treatment of illnesses which are thought to be linked to hormones and stress.

• This is the application of the ayurvedic massage technique to the whole body by expert therapists, using special heated oil. You will feel completely cleansed and regenerated after the massage.

• Ayurveda is a method of treatment which is used in traditional Indian medicine. The sesame oil which has been freed of the pure water molecules it contains, is heated to a temperature equal to body temperature, and applied on the whole body or a particular region, with a special technique. The Ayurveda (full body) massage, which is applied by our expert therapists at our SPA Center, will make you experience a different type of relaxation.

• Hair washing
• Haircut
• Blow dry
• Hair dyeing
• Tongs
• Balayage
• Plaiting
• Hair care
• Hair curling
• Hair styling
• Waxing
• Manicure and Spa manicure
• Pedicure and Spa pedicure
• Eyebrow plucking - dyeing
• Eyelash dyeing – eyelash perm

• Hair washing
• Haircut
• Shaving