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Sea and sun is always enjoyable in summer, but staying active and healthy is important as well! So how about adding some action to your holiday? For those who would like to stay fit and engage in new activities, Pro-Fit club offers lots of exciting programs, guaranteed to keep you active during your holiday!

Sport Activities

For some, holidays are mostly about sitting back, enjoying the sun and relaxing… For others vacation means having the free time to engage in exciting activities, and socialize with others while doing so. If you belong to the latter group, check out our competitive sports activities for a holiday full of fun and games!


Dart, a game with English origins, started out as an activity for archers, but in time got popular among other geographies and communities. Today it is played worldwide by a lot of people, both as a professional sport, and as a social activity. Hours: 11:00 &15.00


Boccia is played between 2 or more teams. Basically it is played by both teams throwing striped balls to a small ball located within a distance. At the end, the team with the ball that is nearest to the small ball wins the game. Hours: 16:00


A beach classic, this is a volleyball match played between two teams of six people each. Each set includes 25 scores and each match includes 3 sets. Beach volleyball is a popular and fun game that requires speed, strength, fast reflexes, and technique; presenting an exciting challenge for players. Hours: 11:00 & 15:00